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USA Realty Construction Group is a company has 20 years of experience in real estate development. The main business includes: real estate development and investment, real estate investment advisory services, property management, hotel investment and development, investment in commercial real estate development, real estate network media.

USA Realty Construction Group’s projects are as follows:



Town House Plaza - Completed and sold

Location: Wuhan  

Construction Area: 15517 Sq. M  

Category: Commercial and Residential



The Garden of Eden - Completed and sold

Location: Wuhan  

Construction Area: 25000 Sq. M 

Category: Residential



Diamond Mansion - Completed and sold

Location: Wuhan  

Construction Area: 18000 Sq. M  

Category: Commercial and Residential



General Garden - Completed and sold

Includes: phase I, II, III

Location: Wuhan  

Category: Residential



Gitian Apartment - Completed and sold

Location: Wuhan  

Construction Area: 6600 Sq. M  

Category: Residential



City Residence - Completed and sold

Location: Wuhan  

Construction Area: 4 Mu  

Category: Commercial and Residential



Town House Plaza - Completed and sold

Location: Yichang

Category: Commercial and Residential






1. Holiday Inn, El Monte, project address: 9920 VALLEY BLVD EL MONTE CA 91731

Hotel project land 140,000 square feet (3 AC), the project planning hotel on the first floor is 25,000 square feet of catering and hotel matching projects.

The hotel has 133 rooms in the 2-4 floor. The total investment value of the project is 40 million dollars. Plans to open business in September 2017.




2. Long Beach Garden Home-Under construction

Location: 1570, 1580, and 1598 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90813

Category: Commercial and Residential

Long Beach Garden Home will include the construction and operation of a 4-story, approximately 90,200 square feet mixed use development consisting of 4,800 square feet of retail space for lease, two restaurants totaling 5,256 square feet, 36 residential condominium units for sale, and 80 parking spaces.



3. LA Valley Garden Plaza -Under construction

Location: 9933 Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA, 91731

Category: Commercial

The LA Valley Garden Plaza Project is an undertaking to develop, construct, and thereafter operate the LA Valley Garden Plaza, a 2-story retail development consisting of 17,200 square feet of retail space and 38,000 square feet of underground parking garage with 112 parking spaces. The Owner will own, manage, and operate a 2,500 square foot full-service Chinese restaurant and will sell remaining retail area to other owners/operators.




4. Hawaii City Plaza -Under construction

Location: 710 Sheridan St, Honolulu, Hi 96814

Category: Commercial and residential

The Hawaii City Plaza Project is an undertaking to develop, construct, and thereafter operate the Hawaii City Plaza, a 26-story, approximately 384,000 square foot mixed-use development consisting of three restaurants, 163 residential condominium units, 313 parking spaces for motor vehicles and 163 parking spaces for bicycles located at 710 and 730 Sheridan Street and 733 Cedar Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814. Total residential construction area is 200,000 SF.



5. Hawaii Ocean Plaza -Under construction

Location: 1362,1370,1374 Kapiolani Blvd Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 Category: Commercial and residential

Construction Area: 650,000 sq. ft

Total planned investment in the project is US $200 million. Total building area is 750,000 SQ FT, including matching buildings approximately covering an area of 300,000 SQ FT, hotel, condominiums, retail stores approximately covering an area of 450,000 SQ FT.



USA Realty Construction Group is an experienced construction company and build with clients’ expectations for safety, quality, functionality and aesthetics.  


Project Information:

The investment scale of the project: Total planned investment  fund of  the project is US $200 million. Total development area is 750,000 SQ FT, including 300,000 SQ FT of matching buildings and 450,000 SQ FT  of hotel, condominiums and retail stores.

The Basic Function of Each Floor:

A. The 1st floor: hotel lobby, condominium lobby, restaurants, retail stores, bars, coffee shops, etc.

B. Two-story basement: approximately 113 parking spaces are available for hotel and commercialstores

C. 2-7th floor: approximately 310 parking spaces available for residents in condominium.

D. 8..

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Project address: 710 Sheridan St, Honolulu, Hi 96814, United States

Project company: HAWAII CITY PLAZA LP(project owner)


Investment scale of Hawaii City Plaza

1.Land area: About 40000 square feet.

2. The total development area of the project is 350,000 square feet, in which the building area of 163 apartments accounts for 200,000 square feet, and the construction area of the project supporting house is 200,000 square feet.

3. On the first floor, there are restaurants,  retail stores..

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1. Brief Introduction of  LA Valley Garden Plaza-Project:

Invested and developed by California Investment Regional Center, LLC,  La Valley Garden Plaza is located in Valley BLVD, where is densely populated for Chinese. The total investment amount of the project is 9 million USD, and the total construction area of the project is 55200 square feet. It is a commercial plaza project mainly engaged in catering and retail. The market value of the developed property is $13.12 million.

1.1 Developer: California Investment Regional Center, LLC

1.2 Project owners: LA VALLEY GARDN PLAZA LP(Limited Partner)

1.3 Land area: 229..

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Project introduction:

Name of the project: LONG BEACH GARDEN HOME

Address of the project: Intersection of Long Beach BLVD and 16th Street, 1570-1598 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States

Project Video: Click Here(USA) Click Here(China)


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Holiday Inn EL Monte - Los Angeles

Project location : 9920 VALLEY BLVD, EL MONTE, CA 91731

Satellite map:

Project developer: California Investment Regional Center, LLC

Brief Introduction of the Project:

Los Angeles County is located in the City of El Monte , California. At present, there are more than 100 million Chinese people who come to the United States for sightseeing or business activities every year, but the Chinese branded hotel in Los Angeles is hardly seen, during holidays, the hotel rooms are even harder to book. The hotel is primaril..

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Town House Plaza-Yichang

The project is located in Yichang City , which is the largest city for hydropower and energy resources of the whole country and the gateway of West Hubei Province in central China . Yichang is a place propitious for giving birth to great men and green hills and clear waters, its economy of every industry develops quickly, and real estate development, in particular, will rise year by year with the increase of urban comprehensive economic strength.

Town House Plaza-Yichang stands at Xilingyi Road , which is the most prosperous prime street integrating finance and business. At present, the road is the prime section with the most high-rise building, the similar to Jiansh..

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Town House Plaza-Wuhan

The project is located at Sanyang Road of Jiang’an District, one of Wuhan’s prime sections.

Frame structure is adopted for the Town House Plaza-Wuhan Residential Quarter, which has 21 stories and another 1 story underground. The first floor on the ground is used as business shop and the second floor is used as parking lots as well as the third to the twenty-first stories are used as building both for business and residence. The building which covers a total building area of 15,517 square meters stands in the central area of the city and is well equipped with all basic necessities for clothing, food, housing, traveling, and study.


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Diamond Mansion

Diamond Mansion -----a diamond in the prime section

Located on Jianghan Road Walking Street of Wuhan City , the total area of Diamond Mansion is 18000 square meters and its cost is 200 million; its seventh and the above floors belong to top quality units, which have been sold out. The first to fifth floors are used for large markets. Diamond mansion Phase II was started in July, 2003 and completed in May, 2004. It nears Diamond mansion with five floors and construction area of 5000 square meters.

The design style of Diamond mansion strives to be in harmony with surrounding environment and develops a school of its own and adopts mo..

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Garden of Eden

“Garden of Eden”, which is mostly sold to people with middle-level incomes, belongs to intelligent apartment and its total sailing area is 25000 square meters. It has gained the honor of Wuhan First Quality-assured House Selecting Comprehensive Award of New Century.

House Alarm System: when emergency situation happens or chicken switch is controlled manually, the alarm signal is transmitted to control centre through network, and the detector and chicken switch indoor constitute house safety and protection system against theft, robbing and fire.

Electric Easy Guard System: Supervisor could pick up to read and print the going of securit..

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General Garden

The project system is the governmental housing project for low-income urban residents and popular project that Wuhan Development Center for Economical and Functional Houses developed. Our company was authorized as the developer. General Garden became one of the hottest buildings in Wuhan in the mid-1990s because the project obtained support from Wuhan government in policy and was exempted from all taxes and so the Garden was sold cheaply. In that case, General Garden Phase II won the title of Trans-century Star Building of Wuhan Real Estate. General Garden was sold out in 2001.

General Garden (total two phases): Phase I was commenced in 1996 and completed in 1998. The fini..

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